Monday, March 7, 2011

Everything happens for a Reason

The night of March 7th, 2000 was a stormy one.  My father was driving to the Duncan Regional Hospital ER, and my brother was in the back seat talking to me trying to keep me talking.  I remember going past Refinery Road and then nothing.  Nothing until a few days later when I came to in the ICU at Children's.  After a week there at the hospital, I was transferred and spent three weeks at Jim Thorpe rehab center.  At Jim Thorpe I met Paul; a speech pathologist.  After Jim Thorpe came high school.  In high school I met Vici Beth Morgan; another speech pathologist.  She is married to a preacher named Billy, who would be important in the future.  After graduating high school, attending UCO for two years, and taking a year off from school to work, I decided to go to USAO and become a speech pathologist.  After two years I realized that though speech pathology was a great field to study, it wasn't quite right for me, so I decided to go into political science.  On the second to last day of class, I asked a classmate of mine if she had a blender.  She said yes.  I then asked her to go to an mc chris concert with me... She said yes.  I asked her out on a real date... She said yes..  In September I asked her to marry me... She said yes.  And on May 7th, 2010, Pastor Billy asked her if she would take me to be her husband.. She said yes. 

I now sit here writing this blog, thinking about how one event, eleven years ago would completely change my own course in history.  I really understand that every action has a reaction.  By choosing to play baseball, accepting my position in the batting order, not ducking quick enough, finishing high school, dropping out of UCO, working for Halliburton and quitting to attend USAO and going to the speech pathology program, I finally learned what was really the reason for me being injured on that day in March. My wife Kaycie, and the wonderful family she and I will make together is the greatest reason I could ever discover.   Everything really does happen for a reason... Sometimes it just takes eleven years for it to really make sense.

I dedicate this to all speech pathologists (especially the pretty red headt who said yes to me)

B.D. Rogers


  1. I am so blessed by you, Braylen. Thank you so much for being my best friend. I love you.

  2. You know Braylen none of us really know how events can change our lives. Who knows where I would be right now if my mom hadn't passed away? I wouldn't have ever ended up with Shea if I didn't get sent to Iraq. Then there wouldn't be these two great kids sitting in my living room right now. Life hurts sometimes but there's gotta be a reason. God wouldn't let us go through what we do if He didn't have a plan for us. I'm so glad He had a plan for you and that you are still here with us eleven years later.

  3. When we were in the middle of "everything", it was unfathomable what could possibly be the reason. I'm so glad that all of the twists and turns led to a little red-haired girl and your happiness together.