Monday, February 28, 2011

First Blog

Howdy folks!  My name is Braylen Dale Rogers of the great state of Oklahoma.  My lovely wife Kaycie, created a blog on this site (Kaycie's Blog) last year and has been posting everyday this year and has inspired me to create my own blog.  Though I may be a bit behind, I feel i can catch up.  This blog will be a fusion of my daily stories, and political analysis and opinion.  I am currently a senior at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, where I am a political science major.  Politics has been part of my life as far back as I can remember.  I am confident and unapologetic for being a young conservative/libertarian.  My political views developed naturally.  Growing up my parents were mostly non-political.  I knew they didn't like Bill Clinton very much, but that was about as vocal as their views really went, so  I developed my conservative views mostly on my own.  Though my views have been altered and refined over the years, everyone who has had political discussions with me (my friends, professors, and family) know me as a conservative.  My libertarian views began to develop as I began reading and educating myself.  I began reading the works of Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, realizing that a free market can lead to a free life.  I won't go into the details today, but I will share them over time on this blog.  My goal on this blog is to begin sharing my thoughts with the public, because it is my interest to inform the public of who I am, what I do, what I stand for, and what I hope to achieve.  You could say that I am announcing my candidacy today (though I'm really not),  but I do plan on running for public office  in the future (hopefully not the distant future).  I want to create transparency, so that in the future and I'm in the middle of the campaign, my opponent cannot use an attack on that I am undecided, or wishy-washy on a certain matter.  I want this blog to be a continuous, honest forum; where I will lay out my arguments and thoughts, and hopefully will get legitimate feedback and discussion from whoever feels they have something to say.

Your fellow American,
B.D. Rogers

Coming up next....

I interview myself on the key issues that every politician goes through: the political assessment test.